Spartagen XT -Testosteron Defficiency and Natural Remedies

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Spartagen XT -Testosteron Defficiency and Natural Remedies

Testosterone, which is commonly known as human growth hormone as it plays a big role in human growth. Secreted from the testicles of men and small quantities from ovaries in females, it belongs to the class androgen. The natural production of the Testosterone reaches its top level during puberty.

Character traits like voice deepening, muscle growth or facial hair growth in males and bone strengthening and sexual desire in female are induced by this hormone. Besides hypogonadism, there are a few other factors like chemotherapy treatment, alcohol or drug addiction and tumors present in the pituitary glands. It will lead to issues like loss of libido, tiredness, fatigue and depression. There are a lot of natural ways to increase testosterone without any side effects.

Natural ways to enhance Testosterone levels

It all starts with a test for testosterone if a man is experiencing a low sex drive or fertility. It is done to confirm the deficiency of the testosterone due to the damage caused to hypothalamus. Being a growth hormone, it promotes muscle growth and its supplements are taken by sports-persons, body builders. However taking testosterone injections has a lot of side effects and is legally banned. So its recommended that you go for natural ways.

Let us look at a few ways that will help you to increase testosterone levels


Exercise remains the greatest way to stimulate the pituitary gland that is responsible for the production of testosterone hormones. Activities that involve heavy dumbbells and barbells help in the natural secretion of testosterone. Bench press routines, half squats and V squats are some of the best ways to improve the production levels.


A balanced diet comprising of proteins, vegetables and fruits is all that you need. Zinc plays a major role in elevating testosterone levels and so include oysters, lamb and beef in your diet. Take vegetables like cauliflower or beans which are rich in zinc quotient. Allicin, a pigment present in onions and garlic helps in increasing testosterone levels. Dairy products are also rich in zinc content which is what you need.


Rest is the order of the day for any person but we usually neglect it in our fast paced lifestyle. You need a sound sleep of minimum 7-8 hours for producing sufficient amounts of testosterone. Stress levels are the ones to look out for because when we are under stress our body produces a hormone named Cortisol that affects the production of testosterone levels. So it’s recommended that you practice stress busters.  You can take yoga lessons or tai chi, an ancient Chinese technique.

Herbs –The ones to go for

Take few natural testosterone supplements that are devoid of estrogen. Tribulus terrestris, a substance present in herbs are great to increase the testosterone levels. Spartagen XT is a proven supplement. Herbs that have wild yam powder are enhancers of testosterone levels because they have steroidal sapogenins.

What not to do?

Alcohol consumption and taking drugs will bring down the testosterone levels in your body. Grapefruit has to be said no because it makes it hard to the liver to breakdown estrogen. Quit smoking as it is not good for your health, testosterone levels and also results in decreased sexual appetite.

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